May 16

Blog Defender

This is an essential tool to harden your WordPress blog or site.

There is a major hacking problem out in the wild right now as hackers have programmed bot armies to continually attack anything that smells remotely of WordPress. This is a well-researched set of videos that will help users lock down their WordPress sites in less than 15 minutes.

Over 77,000 attacks per day are being recorded and more than 1 million happened in in a single weekend in April 2013.

Blog Defender 

HACKING is at a Record High


Ultimate WordPress Security

Bolting Down Security
& Automating Updates

Make WordPress Hidden Essentially this is making your wordpress site look like it isn’t a wordpress site to a bot by hiding the tell tale signs such as: WP login & admin areas, removing WordPress Headers, Livewriter & Really Simple Discovery Header information in a few simple clicks
Lock Down Files & DirectoriesSee how to change web server file security, automatically create files to prevent directory browsing, automatically create security files to prevent unauthorised file/directory access & move wordpress configuration files out of public folders
Remove WP File TrailMany hacking bots need to find which version of wordpress you are running befefore deploying exploits – WordPress leaves a file trail behind during installation – we’ll show you an easy way to find & remove these
Hide Your WP DatabaseHackers have been known to attack wordpress database files as many automated WP install scripts such as fantastico create identical & sequential database names – We’ll show you how to fix this in seconds
Improve Password Security & Block Brute Force AttacksYou will learn to rename your primary user ID which is vulnerable as it’s sequentially created by WordPress install & how to use a neat free plugin to protect against brute force attacks.
Block Cross Site Scripting XSS / URL Injection AttacksDatabase driven applications are vulnerable to exploits via the URL of your browser – hackers insert malicious code into the URL to trick your server to give up useful data to the attacker – you will massively reduce this risk & block such attacks.
WordPress Core Update Automation & Session TimeoutIn order to keep WordPress secure it’s essential to keep it up to date – you can do this manually, however this becomes impractical if you are running more than a few sites. We’ll show you an easy way to do this automatically.
Plugin Security, Other Exploits & Super HardeningThis is a general advisory which will reduce your chance of XSS exploits & further harden ecommerce & data capture sites. with server level security. This is a super hardening method for those who want that extra level of security

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1. Only Free Tools Used – No Ongoing Costs
2. Covering all Major Security Bases – Product covers the holes that WP Security Plugins Omit
3. Speed & Ease of Deployment – Easy to follow & quick to deploy