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Site restored

September 6

After a failed WordPress auto update, this site was not accessible. Attempting to restore from the backend backup also failed with permission errors. One call to my ISP corrected the problem quickly and easily. The Online Backup I had been using decided to stop providing free support and discontinued their plugin a month prior to this, so that restore option was not a solution. This is just to advise you that your ISP does make daily, weekly, and monthly backups (depending on your ISP and subscription) that can resolve many issues. Call them when you need support, that is why they are there.

HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter breaks Wordfence Security

October 11

Discovered today:

WordPress 4 plugin compatibility issue: Wordfence Security v5.2.6 with HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter (v1.6.1 and 1.6.2) will disable loading screens for Live Traffic and Blocked IPs in Wordfence Security.

2014 New Year Attacks

January 17

Today I blocked over 50 additional IPs from attempting to hack this site. This is the most I have blocked in months, usually it has been 1 or two a month. I think someone is using a robot this time because all attempts came in a short period of time from all over the globe.

Some spammers have actually created accounts that quickly get deleted and blocked yet I want to ensure that anyone who really wants access can get it. The ONLY thing an account here will do, is allow posting. If you do not receive a password in your email, then contact admin@wordpressdiary.com to resolve the issue. If you did receive a password and it does not work, then chances are your email is associated with known spammers such as cassandralakeland using email like magdanoack5756@dispostable.com.

Identifying Spammers

June 13

If you created an account here and can no longer login using the email address or username provided it is because you are listed on sites such as http://cleantalk.org or http://www.stopforumspam.com.

If you get your info removed from these spam reporting sites, you may request your account be reinstated by sending an email to admin@wordpressdiary.com.

Recently there have been less brute force attacks and more spammers attempting to create accounts here.

“error” on a blank webpage

September 15

I discovered today a way to lock myself out of my own website!
I was using a WordPress Plugin called Better WP Security for awhile and all seemed well. I had placed my IP in the whitelist but do not have a dedicated IP through my ISP. Then, I purchased and ran Website Insight by Coffeecup Software and discovered how to make many improvements to this site

When I attempted to access this site to make improvements, I received a blank screen with only one word in the upper left of the screen.


I used another CPU, same result. I could access my site via FTP and tracert indicated no issues. I contacted my Webhost who said all was fine. A test from my Galaxy III phone showed all was well until I enabled the WiFi and got the same error message. Seems my ISP is somehow blocking this? Contacted Comcast/Xfinity who said I must call another support section. I continued to test rather than call and eliminated network devices except the modem and the site worked — so it’s not my ISP…

I then replaced the router with an old spare and again the site worked until I put the existing router back and “error” was my only webpage. I contacted Linksys who wanted $30 to troubleshoot so I purchased a replacement router instead since mine was 7+ years old and I anticipated this to be the first sign of increasing failures.  BUZZZZ – I was mistaken!

Having 30+ years electronic communications systems experience, I looked for more answers to what may prevent only one site from functioning. A router this old has a very limited firewall with no site or IP blocking configuration. I did find a better answer here by Dezzy100 indicating that perhaps my IP had been banned. Having multiple security plugins installed, I decided to see if this may be the issue.

Using FTP, I renamed the plugin folder so WordPress would automatically deactivate them all and indeed I now had full access again. Using FTP, I restored the plugin directory name and began activating them one at a time. The moment Better WP Security was activated, I was given the “error” only screen. A little more research and I find Better WP Security – Blank page with “error” – no site or backend access and Better WP Security – Blank page “error”.

I may still use Better WP Security but must eliminate 404 errors and be cautious of it’s configuration. As for the new router? I intend to use it as an addition, if not a replacement.

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Google Typography -vs- G-Font

September 12

Google typography is a FREE plugin for WordPress that allows anyone (and mostly non-techies) to use any of the 600+ fonts from the Google Fonts database and apply them to any font on their WordPress site without writing a lick of code. This is a very nice plugin that I’ve not discovered any compatibility issues with it and other plugins I use.

G-Font does everything Google typography does plus more but it has some minor issues and is NOT free. G-Font and TinyMCE plugins were NOT initially compatible. As soon as I activated the G-Font plugin, all Visual editing capability was lost, there were no menu items and no text/graphics displayed, not even the editing area appeared. Only Text editing was available. I pointed this out to its creator and he has improved it significantly. I experience a few glitches when both are active but generally they work together.

I use Ultimate TinyMCE for most visual editing and ALL icons vanish when G-Font is activated. If I deactivate Ultimate TinyMCE plugin, then the G-Font plugin seems to work and visual editing is back with about 5% of the icons I use with Ultimate TinyMCE. Here one can either choose which to keep and discard the other or consistently switch between them by disabling one before enabling the other.
Another issue with G-Font is that it will not work on a local host envionment with XAMPP, it results in a message stating, “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”  Its developer had me check some Xampp settings and nothing needed changing but it activated and worked. Not sure what caused the initial issue.

There is also a paid version called Ultimate TinyMCE Google Webfonts. I have not yet tested this. Google Webfonts is included in Ultimate Tinymce PRO for free.

ERROR! Failed in extracting zip file

May 17

Everything went well until I uploaded the finished site to my ISP.

ERROR! Failed in extracting zip file
  • I ran installer.php and all tests passed.
  • When it started to install, I got an error indicating that my zip file may be corrupt.
  • I could unzip it locally just fine.
  • I deleted and re-uploaded it again — same problem.
  • The support site for Duplicator had no reference for this type of error.

What finally worked?

  • Rather than using CoffeeCup DirectFTP (v6.9 Build 2014 Full), I logged into CPanel and used File Manager to upload the file.
  • This time everything worked. Not sure why the file was corrupt via FTP but this is just in case anyone else has this issue, try an alternate upload method.

WP Simulator

May 16

Hi Guys.

Just thought I should give you the heads up on a newly released tool that will help you transform the way you build, test, & repair WordPress sites faster than otherwise possible. If like me you find WordPress development slow then you should take a look at this.

Matt Garrett, a pro blogger of some 10 years & his techies have found an easy way to run a rapid test version of WordPress on any PC or MAC. The traditional way of doing this involves editing complex server files & following multi-step install procedures…

Matt doesn’t release many products, the last 3 have all been top sellers – I have no doubt this one will be too.

It’s one of those products that won’t immediately put dollars in your pocket but its one you’ll wish you knew about years earlier as it makes life a lot easier…

Click here for more info on WP Simulator


Matt’s just released it on a “dime sale” which means the price is low for all early birds but will gradually go up. There’s also 3 Ipad Mini’s up for grabs for early customers in the product launch competition.

Regards….. -David

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May 15

After two days of watching training videos, this site exists!

I was so impressed with the quality of Matt’s training videos, I thought it only fitting to make my first site using his info with links for others to hopefully benefit as much as I have.

I started this site after purchasing WP Simulator.

I was so impressed with Matt’s training videos that I thought my first site should be based on his tutorials and wanted to support others who desire to either learn or wish to improve their web design skills. I also went on to purchase more of his products and have been very pleased with all of them.

This site is not affiliated with http://www.wordpress.com or http://www.wordpress.org. I intend to provide valuable updates to help others improve their own skills and knowledge as well as pitfalls to avoid, warnings concerning security risks and how to protect their sites and how to quickly recover a site when disaster strikes.

This is an open forum where you may express your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. I do ask that you be courteous toward others. Make comments, suggestions, questions or statements in the same manner that you would like presented to you.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this site, please contact me at admin@wordpressdiary.com

Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.