September 15

I discovered today a way to lock myself out of my own website!
I was using a WordPress Plugin called Better WP Security for awhile and all seemed well. I had placed my IP in the whitelist but do not have a dedicated IP through my ISP. Then, I purchased and ran Website Insight by Coffeecup Software and discovered how to make many improvements to this site

When I attempted to access this site to make improvements, I received a blank screen with only one word in the upper left of the screen.


I used another CPU, same result. I could access my site via FTP and tracert indicated no issues. I contacted my Webhost who said all was fine. A test from my Galaxy III phone showed all was well until I enabled the WiFi and got the same error message. Seems my ISP is somehow blocking this? Contacted Comcast/Xfinity who said I must call another support section. I continued to test rather than call and eliminated network devices except the modem and the site worked — so it’s not my ISP…

I then replaced the router with an old spare and again the site worked until I put the existing router back and “error” was my only webpage. I contacted Linksys who wanted $30 to troubleshoot so I purchased a replacement router instead since mine was 7+ years old and I anticipated this to be the first sign of increasing failures.  BUZZZZ – I was mistaken!

Having 30+ years electronic communications systems experience, I looked for more answers to what may prevent only one site from functioning. A router this old has a very limited firewall with no site or IP blocking configuration. I did find a better answer here by Dezzy100 indicating that perhaps my IP had been banned. Having multiple security plugins installed, I decided to see if this may be the issue.

Using FTP, I renamed the plugin folder so WordPress would automatically deactivate them all and indeed I now had full access again. Using FTP, I restored the plugin directory name and began activating them one at a time. The moment Better WP Security was activated, I was given the “error” only screen. A little more research and I find Better WP Security – Blank page with “error” – no site or backend access and Better WP Security – Blank page “error”.

I may still use Better WP Security but must eliminate 404 errors and be cautious of it’s configuration. As for the new router? I intend to use it as an addition, if not a replacement.

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