May 19

SEOUK has done it again…

I started using these graphics right away and doubt that I will ever use them all. There are some I choose not to use and the enormity of them is beyond what many may use, yet now I have a library.

Q: When will I use 2GB of Web Graphics?

A: Months — so far. Perhaps never…
I also purchased the Photoshop Essential Training. This is very helpful if you have little Photoshop experience. Be sure you know what version you have, mine was not listed and I was unable to perform some tasks.

I have found nothing similar anywhere else. If you are an accomplished graphics artist then I guess this would be like showing a box of 120 crayola crayons to Leonardo da Vinci.

Need Quality Graphics Fast?

This is No Ordinary Graphics Product!

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Whether you are a blogger, web marketer or a webmaster, sooner or later you’re going to need graphics. Personally I’ve outsourced this kind of stuff stuff for years, this however is always accompanied by delays, costs & aggravations.

When we need graphics we need them fast & we often miss opportunities waiting for third parties. The solution is simple: use ready made/editable designs & do it yourself or even teach someone you trust to do this for you … The difference between success & failure after all is better process control, taking action & limiting risks!

This is no ordinary graphics product, we haven’t bloated this pack to create an illusion of value, it’s only the good stuff, these are the same graphics we use ourselves & there’s a few gems for you that you don’t want to miss like the sales page heading text styles that we used on our top selling product launches! Sooner or later you’re going to need one or several of these graphics so take a look & see what you think. You should find the quality & value impressive.


Matt Garrett – Pro Blogger/ Digital Publisher since 2002

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