May 21

PC Defender is security training for businesses and webmasters.

pc defenderI do not know what Matt was thinking when he chose the name for this product.
These are training videos and aids in securing your PC.

It is NOT an anti-virus program.

Do not confuse it with the below Malware applications with very similar names:



PC Defender 2008
pcdefender antivirus

PC Defender Antivirus
windows pcdefender

Windows PC Defender

and many, many more. All of these are dangerous Rogue Anti-Virus applications. A more complete list can be found at:

What do you get with Matt’s PC Defender?


PCDefender - Deep Cleaning & Speed Up

Product # 1: Video Tutorial

Deep Cleaning & Speed Up

This is a set of short videos that shows you which software & websites to use to clean up your PC from any resident malware & useless services/software that slow your PC & more…


PCDefender - Browser & Password Protection

Product # 2: Video Tutorial

Browser & Password Protection

This will teach you how to clean up browser add-ons – clear your browsing history & how to use password services to avoid keyloggers …


PCDefender - Secure Anonymous Browsing

Product # 2: Video Tutorial

Secure Anonymous Browsing

This video will show you how to use a free cloud filtering service that zaps most known attack sites, encrypts your browsing, kills tracking cookies, kills ads and hides your geo-location.


PCDefender - Security Whitepaper & Checklist

Product # 3: Checklist Doc

Security Whitepaper & Checklist

I realise that you don’t want to be watching videos every time you secure a client’s PC, so for your convenience I have created a whitepaper & checklist which you can follow as a reminder of the steps you need to take.


PCDefender - PC Backup

Bonus # 1: Video

Backup your PC

This is a simple video that explains which top rated free apps will help you make a complete PC backup


PCDefender - Securing Files & Folders

Bonus # 2: Video

Securing Files & Folders

This video goes through a neat free app that allows you to secure your files & folders in an encrypted file


I do not know how long this will be discounted. My recommendation is